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“I feel I will never forget this day. I have been crawling down in dust for 26 years. It’s today that I have been thought of by God through the donors. " Ronald, disabled from birth

Jamie is 24 years old; he was born with a disability and was abandoned by his mother when he was 2 years old. “I can only crawl but I want to learn how to be a mechanic and I am so happy to get this wheelchair because it will help me. I thank the donors.”

“Thank you for this wheelchair. Now my son can go to school and also participate in society.” Charles

Antony is a 30 year old young man who gets around by crawling because he was neglected as a child. He works at processing sugar cane and he is picked up by the employers to get there. “I never thought I’d get a wheelchair. I want to be able to move around. I am grateful for this wheelchair because now I can go to town and visit my friends. I can go anywhere I want to now!”

Lucia is 18 years old, she lives with her father. “When I was 2 years old I became sick and got paralyzed at that time. Now I have to crawl to get around but I try to get a ride on bicycles or just stay at home because it is so embarrassing and I hate getting dirty. I am raising poultry at home and when I sell them I am going to buy a goat and then after that buy a cow. I am also in training to learn how to braid hair. With this wheelchair I will be able to do even more than all that I have been planning. This wheelchair has given me so many good opportunities in life; thank you!”

James is now 62 years old and is very dependant as he cannot walk nor crawl. When he was 30 years old he got infected by the tsetse fly and didn’t take any treatment for it which left him paralyzed as his muscles slowly weakened. He really wants a wheelchair to release those who are caring for him and to feel comfortable and be able to go wherever he wants to go.

Ivan is an 11 year old boy who is cared for by his mother. When he was 3 he got cerebral malaria which left him with cerebral palsy. Ivan has paralysis on his left side, tight muscles and developmental delay. Ivan is able to stand and take a few steps but usually gets around by being carried. Ivan is unable to go to school as there is no special education program in his village. He stays at home all the time and does play with some toys a little bit. This wheelchair will help his mother move him outside to get fresh air and even to go visit or go to town.

Aida is a 46 year old business woman who lives with her children. Her husband died and her children help her get to work. She says she’s now the happiest woman because now she will be able to move around and improve her business. She is so excited about the possibilities of expanding her business and now being able to better support herself and her children. She says “now I know that with God nothing is impossible. Thank you to the donors for loving us disabled.”

Christopher is a 57 year old man who suffered from polio when he was 12 years old and has been crawling ever since. His children help him go out about once a week. He says “I thought I would always be so limited but now my faith is strengthened; thank you for remembering me”.

I never thought I would get a wheelchair but now this has changed my life because my faith is stronger and I have got a smile.

“I never thought a poor person like me could be remembered but now I see God differently because of this wheelchair. Now my life has already changed because I have been crawling but now I am riding myself around.” Godfrey 39 years

Samuel is 31 years old. He had polio as a baby which left him unable to walk. He did go to school up to S6 but now he is home and doesn't go out much; he says “I was seated in one place like stagnant water”. He has been unable to work because he can't get anywhere. Samuel is so thankful to have a wheelchair because it will help him move around and will help him to participate in business. Samuel helped us with assembling some of the wheelchairs!

Keza “I am 18 years old and I have to crawl to get around because I have pain in my legs. I started getting this pain when I was 10 years old and eventually I had to stop going to school because I couldn't get there anymore. I work repairing shoes and they carry me there. My family helps me and my father wanted to get me a wheelchair but he couldn't afford one. I was praying every day for a wheelchair. Now [with this wheelchair] I know that I can move around more and even get a better job. I will have access to better things like a bathroom which is so dirty especially when it is the rainy season and I have to crawl in the mud. I am so happy now; God is so good! I hope that the donors will continue this good work of giving wheelchairs to those in need.”

Balidu is 48 years. “About 10 years ago I got sick and got paralyzed from the waist down. I also lost one of my legs. I was working but now I can't, I didn't think I would again but now I'm beginning to see the possibility! With this wheelchair I will be able to move around and to go places; during the rainy season I won't need to get muddy and now I can use the toilet by myself. I have been asking God for a wheelchair and now I see that He has answered! So I am very happy. I thank God for the donors and I pray that God will give them what they deserve because they have helped people who crawl and it is not easy.”

Esther age 20. “I was born like this and can't walk so I have to crawl. I wasn't able to go to school and I can't work because I can't walk. I do make some mats at home. Now this wheelchair is going to help me go to places that I never thought I could get to! Now I think I can even work. I prayed a lot for a wheelchair and now I believe that God answers prayer and He can even give me more. I pray that God will bless the donors with a spirit of giving so they continue giving to others as well.”

Sophia is 7 years old, one year ago she got cerebral malaria and now she can't walk or talk. Sophia's parents had been praying for her healing and also for a wheelchair because she is getting so heavy. They are very thankful.

I am happy because I have been crawling in the mud but now I can be clean! I am very very thankful and I appreciate what you have done for me. Helen

Raj is a 25 year old university student who was born paralyzed from the waist down. “I'm very happy because now I can use this by myself. This will improve my life and will help me be clean. Now with this wheelchair I can go to some areas by myself. I will be able to be on time for my classes and also this wheelchair is more comfortable to sit on in class than the hard benches. My future is very bright now! I've admired wheelchairs and have been praying for one so I am very thankful. I ask God to reward those who gave me this – to reward them abundantly!”

Esther is a 6 year old girl who was born with a mental and physical disability. She is carried by her mom to school but now with this wheelchair life will be easier for both her and her mom. Her mom says “we are appreciating and thanking God and we hope you can give to others who also need one.”

Magabazi is a 47 year old woman who became sick after an injection at age 7. She is on the union of disabled persons and she often goes to villages and teaches seminars. “I never thought I'd get a wheelchair but now my life will change because I won't be teaching in the mud. Thank you.”

Muttabi is 40 years old. He was born paralyzed and has always relied on people to take him outside or move him around. Even his hands are so weak to help move him around but it will be easier for his family to move him around by pushing a wheelchair. He lives with his wife and 10 children. With this wheelchair he says that his spirit has been revived. His life will change significantly now as he always hoped to get one and had been praying for one. Now he can go outside more than 3 times a day.

Jemimah is 11 years old. She had polio when she was 2 leaving her legs and hands paralyzed. She was living on the streets until 2 ladies rescued her, however they couldn’t send her to school. Now that she has a wheelchair they hope to be able to send her to school.

“This wheelchair will help me so that I don’t disturb my children in carrying me. I even get so ashamed as an adult” 80 year old man

“I am 15 years old; I go to school but have to crawl around at school and it is so humbling. My mother has been praying for a wheelchair for me but I never thought I would get one. Thank you so much for this wheelchair, you have given us hope and we thank God.”

Eric is 7 years old, he has hydrocephalus from birth. This mother says that this wheelchair is a dream come true! She requests the donors to keep up the work of bringing people’s hopes alive.

Teddy is a 60 year old man who became crippled last year and has been unable to move out of the house since then. “I will be able to move out now! God is great! I have been praying for a wheelchair!!! Thanks a lot, God bless you!!!”

Veronica is a 16 year old girl who got cerebral malaria when she was 2 years old. She is in the nursery class at a nearby school and with this wheelchair she can keep clean and sit properly and comfortably at school. Her mother has been praying for a wheelchair for her since she is too heavy to carry and look after now that she is a big girl.

“When I was 13 I developed a severe fever and now I can’t walk. I have to crawl on the ground to go anywhere. I used to admire others in wheelchairs and I never thought I could get an opportunity to get one for myself. I prayed to God and now I thank Him and the donors because they have helped me. I am not going to crawl anymore.”

“God is faithful. Now I will be able to sit on my own with this wheelchair” 60 year old man who fell from a stroke

“God is able and He remembers His people. Now I am able to get my son to places with ease. I am not comfortable leaving my son behind yet it’s so tiring carrying him everywhere. Thank you for the work you have done.” Father of Charles, 7 years old

Geoffrey is a 9 year old boy who was disabled from birth. He cannot go to school because he has no way of walking or being carried there. He was been physically disabled since birth. “I would never have afforded a wheelchair. This will help me go to school. Thanks a lot, God bless you all!!”

Patricia is 12 years old and has severe physical disabilities therefore she cannot walk. She attends school 4 km from her home, her mother carries her to school and carries her home again which is an hour journey each way. Her mother getting weak and is tired of carrying her and wishes for her to have a wheelchair so she can continue to go to school. They are so thankful to have a wheelchair now!

Innocent is 14 years old. He is paralyzed and used to have a wheelchair to go to school but it broke. He wants to go to school and start a business when he’s finished so that he can look after himself since his dad died.

Marvin is 10 years old. When he was 5 years old he got malaria which left him paraplegic. His mother carries him to school but he is getting too heavy for her to continue so she wanted him to have a wheelchair. Marvin had huge smiles for us when he got his new chair! He is excited about being mobile now! Marvin's mom is so very thankful.

“Thank you for this wheelchair; I have been wanting to be independent” Elisha

Jane is a 35 year old woman with post-polio; she is very grateful for a wheelchair so that she doesn't have to crawl in the dirt anymore.

Richard is a 19 year old young man who walks with great difficulty aided by a large stick. “I had to stop going to school because it was so difficult for me to get there. But now with this wheelchair I can go back to school! I am so blessed and so thankful, there are not enough words to say thank you. I pray that God blesses you for giving me this wheelchair. And I thank God for giving it to me. Thank you and God bless you so much.”

“My child has a hard life. His fellow children run away from him when they are playing and he cries since he can’t walk. Now I hope that if he is in a wheelchair he’ll be able to move together with his friends.” Mother of a 3.5 year old boy who was born with a disability

“I am in P2 but I have a lot of difficulties going to school since it is 1km away from my house. I believe that having this wheelchair is going to make my studies easy; it is giving me courage. This wheelchair will also set my family free from carrying me every day. And now I can move together with my friends!” Omara, 10 year old boy born paralyzed

“Today my brother will have a big rest which is much appreciated. I myself am looking forward to meeting my friends and relatives and to going to all of the church services and fellowships since I am saved. I thank the donors – blessed are those who care for the poor.” Apio, 32 year old woman born with paralyzed legs

“I go to school and am in P1 but it has been difficult since it is 1km away and I can’t walk. I even can’t play with my fellow pupils at school since I can’t walk. But now with this wheelchair I will begin playing well and I will have much courage in my education. My parents are in the choir at church and now I hope to also join. When I grow up I want to join your company so that I can also help others as you did to me today. Thank you so much.” Walter, 8 years old born with paralyzed legs

Emmanuel is an 8 year old boy who does not go to school because it is too far away for his mom to carry him there. She says “It is very tiresome carrying him all the time. I need a wheelchair for taking him to school this year.” He was born premature and his lower limbs got paralyzed so he crawls to get around at home. With this wheelchair he will be able to go to school, church and to visit friends.

Daniel is a 9 year old boy who was born with lower limb paralysis and a heart condition. He goes to school but with great difficulty; he crawls to get around. “I have been praying for a wheelchair and now I can go to school easily and I can visit my friends and relatives. Thank you for giving me easy transport.”

Dorine, 80 years has a dislocated/fractured hip. “My life is so difficult so I need a wheelchair to help me move. Right now I am living with my last born son and I only stay at home all the time. I feel so bad when I am disturbing my own son to be carrying me out to the bathroom. Now with this wheelchair I can go to church. Thank you for helping me and I pray you will continue helping others”

“Since I was born I have had so many difficulties in doing things since I am unable to stand or walk and I was not able to go to school. So I need a wheelchair to help my mobility and I am sure now my life will change since I will be able to visit some of my friends and relatives.” Hassan 19 year old boy born disabled

“I suffered for 17 years [unknown cause] before cutting off my legs. After coming home from the hospital I was uncomfortable but now I feel comfortable because I have a wheelchair. I am now going to start serious farming, growing tomatoes and even a piggery farm. I want to serve the Lord now and preach the gospel. I thank you very much!” Francis, age 52

“I am very happy. All my life I have been just crawling to go outside. I did not think that I would receive this wheelchair. I have not been going to school but now that I have means of transport I am going to begin going to school. Thanks to the donors for their help; may God bless you.” Justus, 17 years old.

“I had been admiring other people with wheelchairs but did not think I could get one; I kept praying to God for one.” Mabukera, 70 years

Kaahwa is 12 years old and has been disabled from birth, she is unable to walk. To get around home she crawls and when she goes anywhere her parents pull her in a cut out jerry can tied to a rope (like a toboggan). Her brothers & sisters also help her at home. Kaahwa’s dad says that she is a very intelligent girl. Even though she has never been to school she teaches her siblings at home! Now that she has a wheelchair her father says that he is going to register her immediately in school, he doesn’t even want to wait for the new term to begin. Kaahwa says “I never thought I would get this [wheelchair]. I am very happy for this! My life will change because I will no longer use cut jerry cans to move and the dust will no longer disturb me by crawling. I thank the donors for the good work done. God bless you.”

“Thank you for this wheelchair! Now I will no longer suffer with mud. I will be able to do my work making motorcycle keys more easily now. I can also visit my friends and even go to the trading centre and get more knowledge and development. I am very happy.” Kewli, had malaria as a child

“I am very happy and words cannot explain. My wife has been taking me outside once or twice a day. I have no work and I am just at home seated. I never thought that I would get this [wheelchair] but I think God has used you to help me. I have been praying for the wheelchair up til now and I thank God. My life will change because I will start taking myself out to [use the toilet]. I thank the donors for the good work done. God bless you.” Kaijabuhoire, 67 year old, paralyzed from a stroke.

“My life is going to change now because I am going to begin taking myself to school.” John age 15 disabled from birth

“I hope now to go outside and get fresh air and visit my neighbours. I thank the donors from the bottom of my heart for getting me this wheelchair. Long live the donors!” Eliah age 60

“I feel very happy. I have spent 21 years [from birth] crawling down but now am going to start schooling and even going to church.” Swadolo

“I was not expecting to get a wheelchair in my life. Many times I have been praying to God longing to have a wheelchair and indeed God has done it. Now that I can move at least I can earn a simple living. I very much thank the donors for their good vision.” Rugemwe, age 68, disabled by an accident

“I feel very happy after receiving this wheelchair because all along I have been crawling on the stony roads on my knees.” Edward age 36, disabled from birth

“As a guardian I feel happy because for the past 20 years my son has been inside the house or just in the yard. Now he can travel in the neighbourhood and even go to church.” Philimon age 18, disabled from birth

“I feel very happy because I can now move. I thank the people who brought the wheelchairs. Now I will move to other places and see people and even learn to do other things apart from digging.” Christof age 23, disabled from a mistreated boil

“I don’t go out very much but my brother use to help me go to school. At school I would have to crawl to get around. I was hopeless about getting a wheelchair but now I believe my life will change! I will be able to go to school and not crawl on the ground in the dust. Much thanks to the donors and God bless you.” Jamali age 11, lower limb paralysis from birth

“I was very sick for 9 months with malaria and I had no help. I have been moving down in the dust for so many years. This wheelchair will help me go to church and to the market; my life will change! I thank God for the donors to have helped me.” Esther

“I feel so much pain in my legs so I have been praying to get a wheelchair. I did not have energy to go out, I only go out on Sundays when I am carried to church by my grandchildren. Now I hope that somehow my life will change because I will be able to move from one place to another. I can only say God bless the donors very much.” Mariam, 85 years

“My mom usually carries me to school and my elder sister helps me too. I am in P1 class. I didn’t think I would get a wheelchair but now I am happy because I will no longer have to crawl down in the dust which use to make my uniform dirty. To the donors I pray that God will bless you and help you to continue helping others all over the world. Thank you very much!”

“I have liked the wheelchair because it will help me very much to move without pain. I don’t go out because of failing how to move but now I will even begin school.” Suzan 12 years, disabled from birth

“When I heard of this programme I prayed that it should not by pass me. And indeed it has been fulfilled. I thank God for the donation.” Mugisa age 10, disabled from birth

“The wheelchair is much needed for my easy movement and easy socialization with the rest of other people” Augustine age 35, disabled from malaria

“I now feel okay because I have been moving in dust now I have a wheelchair. My reason to need one is to move from home to church, to market and to other places.” Atanus age 51, disabled from polio

“I am happy because I had suffered so long and even my beloved wife who had been lifting me. I will always be attending church at least 3 days a week now.” Geofrey age 41 had a heart condition

"I couldn’t have hope of having a wheelchair however I did pray to God for one and now I know my life is going to change because in my old age I will be able to move and to also socialize with other people out there." Telosi

“I know my life will change because I will no longer be dirty crawling in the dirt and mud. Liona age 12, disabled from birth

“Thank you so much to those who have done this great work because it has brought hope that someone cares” Wambale Geoffrey age 8, disabled from birth

“My life will change now because I will have access to the community around and will have a chance to interact with friends” Daniel age 30

Moses is 14 years old. “4 years ago I had a general body weakness and now I am paralyzed. I had to stop going to school and I have to crawl to more around. I only go out of my house two times a day to go to the latrine. I want mobility! I want to be able to go everywhere and especially to school. I thank the donors very much for what they have done for me.”

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