from small beginnings

Our founder, Francis Mugwanya, knows first-hand what it's like to crawl and be looked down upon; his life was forever changed when he was given his first wheelchair at the age of 12.  Knowing Jesus and believing in the Word of God transformed the way Francis thought about himself. 

As a young adult, from his own meager earnings, he would save his money and buy wheelchairs for people as often as he could (1 wheelchair cost 1.5 months of his salary).  After giving away about a dozen wheelchairs the Lord began to draw donors such as Free Wheelchair Mission and Joni and Friends to help out as well. 

The Father’s Heart Mobility Ministry was officially founded in 2006 under Gaba Community Church, Uganda.  Beginning in 2011 the work of Father’s Heart Mobility Ministry was launched full-time and in 2012 received NGO registration.

To date, we have given over 21,000 people in Uganda their mobility!


We are raising the esteem and capability among people with disabilities in Uganda through the Church.  We exist to:

  • share the love of Father God with people with disabilities and to empower them with their true value and potential.
  • give people with disabilities aids to mobility in order to maximize their potential.
  • train pastors on issues of disability.
  • raise public awareness on the causes of disability and to advocate for the integration of people with disabilities into mainstream society.
  • advocate for accessibility, medical care, education and employment for people with disabilities.