A Wheelchair for Francis

A Wheelchair for Francis is the true story of a young Ugandan boy and his desire to have a wheelchair after a sickness leaves him unable to walk.  Francis Mugwanya enjoys friends, fruit and football but the opinions of the villagers have made him feel sad and empty.  Can he find his true identity?  Will he ever be happy?  Covering issues such as disease, disability, discrimination and determination, readers of all ages will empathize with this touching story and delight in the beautiful illustrations.

  • Features a gift page and a discussion guide.
  • Endorsed by Joni Eareckson Tada, Pastor Peter Kasirivu, Sara Wallace, Dr. Martin Nkundeki, Honorable Hellen Asamo and Pastor Craig Millar.
  • Hand bound and printed in Uganda. 
  • Published with the support of Free Wheelchair Mission and Joni and Friends. 
  • All proceeds provide mobility to the disabled poor through Father's Heart Mobility Ministry.

Highly Recommended!

"A Masterpiece" - Dr. Martin Nkundeki

"A desperately needed, uplifting publication" - Joni Eareckson Tada

"An excellent resource" - Sara Wallce

"So motivational" - Hon. Hellen Grace Asamo

"The illustrations are breathtaking!" - SW

"This is such a touching story" - LP

"What a beautiful, beautiful book." - MB

created in Uganda by

Adrienne Mugwanya and Tom Kanyike

"In the 9.5 years that we have been married, I have seen Francis impact thousands of people by his life's story.  Everyone he meets is inspired by him and he literally has queues of people waiting to greet him or meet with him.  I realized that his story is unique and I wanted it to be able to impact even more people around the world - people that may never get the opportunity to meet him personally.  That's why I wrote this story.  To inspire the world by what God has done in my husband's life. 

Throughout our travels distributing wheelchairs in Uganda, we often stopped at one of the shops on the equator that displays Tom's artwork.  I just loved to gaze at his amazing creations.  When I met Tom, I was surprised he was so young!  When I read him my story and it resonated with his heart (also having grown up with a disability), I knew he was the one to make this story come alive in the book.  When he agreed to do the illustrations I was so excited!  I knew it would turn out brilliantly and it did! 

Proceeds from book sales support Father's Heart Mobility Ministry.  And now as we give mobility, every recipient will receive a smaller, softcover, gift edition of this wonderful book.  I echo our friend Joni's endorsement, "Spread the word, people with disabilities are precious in the sight of God!"

I pray that this story will bless your life and inspire you to love to a greater degree."      Adrienne   March 2019

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